Dr. Robert B. Copeland

Robert B. Copeland, BS, MD, MACP, FACC, FRCP

Office Address:    1551 Doctor’s Drive
                        LaGrange, Georgia 30240
                        Phone:  (706) 884-3389


Physician, LaGrange, Georgia 1967-
Medical Director, Georgia Heart Clinic, LaGrange, Georgia 1972-
President, Southern CardioPulmonary Associates, P.C., LaGrange, Georgia 1977-2004
Clinical Professor of Medicine, (Cardiology) University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1980-2005
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia 1980 –


B.S. Auburn University, 1960
M.D. with Honors, Medical College of the University of Alabama, 1963
Special Student, Harvard Medical School, June 1962 - September 1963
Internship, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1963-1964
Assistant Resident in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1964-1965
Clinical and Research Fellow in Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard
   Medical School, 1965-1966
Senior Resident in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Massachusetts, 1966-1967
Visiting Fellow with Professor Sheila Sherlock, Royal Free Hospital, London, England, September
   and October, 1967


Alpha Epsilon Delta
Alpha Omega Alpha
Distinguished Alumnus, 1985, University of Alabama School of Medicine
Ruth B. Duncan Humanitarian Award
American College of Physicians Governor of the Year, 1991
Award for Distinguished Achievement, Modern Medicine, 1992
Laureate Award, Georgia Chapter, American College of Physicians, 1993
Fellow, American College of Physicians
Fellow, American College of Cardiology
Master, American College of Physicians, 1993
Fellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, 1999
Who’s Who in the World, 1998-
Who’s Who in America, 1988 -
Who’s Who in the South and Southwest
American Men and Women in Science
Who’s Who in Medicine and HealthCare
Who’s Who in Finance and Industry
Chair Emeritus, Board of Regents, American College of Physicians, 2000-
Chair Emeritus, Board of Trustees, American College of Physicians Foundation, 2000-
Alfred Stengel Award for Outstanding Service to American College of Physicians, 2002
America's Top Physicians, Robert B. Copeland MD - Cardiology 2004-2005
Consumers' Research Council of America


National Board of Medical Examiners (Parts I, II, and III)
American Board of Internal Medicine
     Internal Medicine
     Internal Medicine Recertification
     Cardiovascular Disease
     Geriatrics (Added Qualifications)


Massachusetts (inactive)


Clinical and Research Fellow in Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 1965-1966
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1968-1972
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1972-1980
Clinical Associate Professor in Medicine-Cardiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1977-1980
President of Troup County Medical Society, 1974
Chief of Medicine, West Georgia Medical Center, LaGrange, Georgia, 1973-1978, 1980


Ad Hoc Reviewer: Journal of American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine
and American Journal of Medicine


The American Board of Internal Medicine, Board of Governors, 1980-1986
     Committee on Clinical Competence
     Council on General Internal Medicine
     Committee on Certifying Examinations
     Committee on Evaluation of Special Candidates, Chairman, 1982
     Committee on Advanced Achievement in Internal Medicine, Chairman, 1986
     Task Force on Recertification, 1987-1990        
     Subcommittee on Self-evaluation process (recertification), 1990-1995
     Subcommittee on Methods (recertification), 1990-1991
American College of Physicians, Georgia Chapter
     Governors Council, Georgia Chapter ACP, 1983-1986
     Secretary, Georgia Chapter ACP, 1983-1986
     Governor, Georgia Chapter, 1986-1991        
American College of Physicians
     Nominations Committee, 1987
     State Health Policy Subcommittee, 1987-1990
     Governor’s Subcommittee, 1988
     Coordinating Group for the Enhancement of Internal Medicine, 1988
     Membership Enhancement Subcommittee, 1992-1993
     Publications Policy Committee, 1993-1994, Chair, 1995-1996
     Task Force on Physician Workforce Supply, 1992-1994
     Search Committee for the Executive Vice President, 1994
     Ad Hoc Committee on Governance, 1994        
     Ad Hoc Committee on Practicing Internists in Leadership Positions, Chair, 1994-1995
     Regents Subcommittee on Nominations, 1993-1994
     Governor of the Year, 1991
     Regent, 1993-1999
     Master, 1993-
     Chairman-Elect, Board of Regents, 1997-1998
     Chair, Board of Regents, 1998-1999
     Chair, Board of Trustees, ACP-ASIM Foundation, 1999-2002
     Chair, Search Committee for new EVP, CEO, ACP-ASIM, 2001
Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, 1986
     Board of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, 1986-1987
     Committee to Design a Strategy for Quality Review and Assurance in Medicare, 1987-90
     Committee on a Clinical Evaluation, 1990-1993
Board of Commissioners, The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, 1991-1997
     Treasurer, 1996-1997
     Executive Committee, 1996-1997
     Finance and Audit Committee (Chairman, 1997)
     Accreditation Committee, 1991-1995
     Standards and Survey Procedures Committee, 1993-1994
     Quality Health Resources Board of Directors, 1997
     Corporate Governance Task Force, 1995-1997
     Public Member Nominating Committee, 1991-1995 (Chairman, 1992, 1994-1995)
     Task Force on Confidentiality and Disclosure Issues, 1991-1992
     Fund Development Committee, 1993-1994
     Surveyor Advisory Committee, 1995        
     Task Force Operations and Budget, Chair, 1997
American College of Cardiology
     Governor’s Council, Georgia 1990-1995
     Chairman, Committee on Practice and Third Party Payment, 1992-1994
Paul Dudley White Society
American Medical Association
Medical Association of Georgia
     President, Troup County Medical Society, 1974
     Committee on Health Planning, MAG, 1981-1986
     Committee on Composite State Board of Medical Examiners, 1981-1986
     The Judicial Council (Ethics Committee), 1981-1992, Chairman, 1982-1986
     Council on Legislation for Specialty Societies, Member, 1992-1994
American Heart Association
     Certified Instructor, Basic Life Support, 1976-
     Certified Instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, 1982-
Georgia Affiliate, American Heart Association
     Committee on Physician Education, 1972-1973
     Committee on Cardiovascular Clinics, 1972-1978
     Co-Chairman, Annual Scientific Session, Annual Meeting, 1979
     Board of Directors, 1977-1985
     Program Development Committee, 1982-1985
     Executive Committee, 1983-1985
     Vice-President, 1983
     President, 1984
Troup County Chapter of the Georgia Heart Association, Board of Directors, 1976
Council on Geriatric Cardiology, Founding Fellow
Enoch Callaway Cancer Clinic, Board of Directors, 1978-1981
West Georgia Medical Center, Board of Trustees, 1974-1977
C & S Bank of West Georgia, Board of Directors, 1978-
First Presbyterian Church, Board of Deacons, LaGrange, Georgia, 1973-1976
LaGrange Georgia Industrial Authority, Board of Directors, 1974-1986
Steering Committee for Formation of Health Services Agency in Atlanta area, Vice-President, 1975
North Central Georgia Health Service Agency, 1975-1981
Georgia Statewide Health Coordinating Council, 1980-1983
Consultant to Medicare Carrier in Georgia, 1992-1993
International Medical Advisory Board on Health Education, HUME Medical Information Services, Toronto, 1990-
Speakers Forum, Congestive Heart Failure Advisory Board, 1988-1991
Georgia Health Decisions, Trustee and Regional Chairman, 1992-1994
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Clinical and Climatological Association, 1982-
American Medico-Legal Foundation, Panelist, 1990-
External Review Committee, Department of Medicine, University of Alabama in Birmingham, 1982-1991
Advisory Committee, The Georgia Hospital Association Research and Education Foundation, 1992-1997
Regional Medical Director, Georgia State Games, 1992
Medical Director, West Georgia Home Health, 1990-
Health Professionals Review Group, White House Health Task Force, Washington, D.C., 1993
Olympic Medical Support Group, Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, 1993-1996
HealthCare Partnership Consultants, Inc., Senior Consultant, 1994-1998
Corporate Development and Telecommunications Committees, City of LaGrange, Georgia 1993-1999
LaGrange International Friendship Exchange, Board of Directors, 1994-1996
External Advisory Committee for the School of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1995-1996
Board of Directors, Gaston Loughlin, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia  1996-2002
Georgia Physician Workforce Board. Appointed by Governor Zell Miller, 1998-
Board of Trustees, LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia, 1998-
Member, Project on Professionalism, American Board of Internal Medicine/American College of
Physicians/European Federation of Internal Medicine, 2000-2002


University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1983
Mathews Visiting Professor of Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School, 1997


Perceptions of the American Board of Internal Medicine by Practicing Internists. ABIM Summer Conference,
    Sun Valley Idaho, 1980
Constructive Challenges for Medical and Hospital Leaders. Georgia Hospital Association, Annual Meeting,
    Atlanta, Georgia, 1982
The Transition from Training to Practice. The First Annual Aesculapian Society Lecture, Louisiana State
    University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1985
Medical Staff Relationships. Georgia Hospital Association, Annual Meeting, Atlanta, eorgia, 1988
Lowering Blood Cholesterol: A National Institute of Health Conference Report, Edward J. Huth, MD,
    Chairman, Itzhad Jacoby, Ph.D,: Basis M. Rifkin, MD, Daniel Steinberg, MD:  Robert B. Copeland, MD
    and J.R. Crouse, MD; Annual Session, ACP, March 29, 1985        
Recertification:  The Joys and Fears of the Practicing Internists. American Board of Internal
    Medicine, Summer Conference, Welfleet, Massachusetts, 1989
Health Care Delivery: Relation Between Academic Centers and the Community, AHA-UAB
    Symposium Honoring Suzanne Oparil, Birmingham, Alabama, 1995
Forward to the Basics: Will Professionalism Survive in Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School,
    Grand Rounds, November 1997
Heart Failure in the Elderly, ACP-ASIM Regional Meeting, Caracas, Venezuela, 1999
An Overview of ACP-ASIM with discussion of Overseas Activities, International Association of
    College and Academy Presidents,         
    Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, Scotland, 1999
Speaker and Member of Panel, Project Professionalism Presentation, ACP-ASIM Annual Meeting,
    2000 and 2001, American Association of Medical Colleges, Chicago, 2000 and  European
    Society of Internal Medicine, Edinburg, Scotland, 2001


International Conference of Echocardiography and Color Doppler Flow Mapping, Sponsored by
    the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Georgia Heart Clinic; Nanda, N., Director,
    Copeland, RB, Co-Director, Pine Mountain, Georgia, 1987-1999        


Healthscope:  Chest Pains. Robert B. Copeland, MD, FACP. Protagonist, American College of
    Physicians: Movie 1984
Everett Koop, MD, NBC TV Special, July 6, 1991 (R.B. Copeland, MD, featured physician)


Internal Medicine


Genetic Risk Factors in Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
Quality Assessment and Continuous Improvement in Clinical Practice
Professionalism in Medicine


Publications – Journals

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Publications – Abstracts, Editorials, Book Chapters

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Dr. Robert B. Copeland,
Physician, Internal Medicine and